Pop Rock Meets Britpop With COCO AND THE LOST’s NOT FAMOUS

By Vasco Dega

Coco and the Lost is young and hungry singer-songwriter Ella from London, and she certainly looks the part. Driven from music with an industry led father, she quickly grew up and tried to break the mould but then realised that writing and performing was her true calling. Brought up on a diet of Blondie, Pulp and Queen, she was infatuated by that brit pop rock style and swagger, along with all the glitz and glamour that surrounds it all. Coincidently, Ella possesses the voice too, with a swooning vocal that packs a punch and delivers this fantastically in her latest release Not Famous.

A heavy guitar laden riff is ever present throughout and opens the track, which immediately gives you that 90s Britpop feel but with an edge. The blend of nostalgia and grit works seamlessly, with the synths bringing that modern feel coupled with Ella’s powerful platform of a vocal. The storyline is quite brilliant too, where Ella remembers someone shouting to Sting in the street ‘You’re not famous to me’ which stuck with her ever since, and it looks as if Coco and the Lost is going to be gracing our streams and screams for years to come.