London based agitators Cherryade, (long-time school friends, pop siren Ella + partner-in-crime Alex), share a fresh slice of their lushly alluring and skewed electro-bubblegum-pop, with the perfect video for their latest single ‘Blah Blah’, nicely produced by Dillistone (Dua Lipa, Frances).

Speaking about the video, Cherryade reveal: “This is our most expensive video yet – we spent nearly £50 on foil. We were inspired by early 00’s sci-fi RnB videos like Aaliyah and Janet, and we’re both going to have to work extra hard to pay back our debt. It was worth every penny though!”

They add…”We wrote this song about people getting distracted with material things and focusing on style over substance. We love pop music but so many artists we love don’t really say anything, so it’s partially addressing that as well, but at the same time it’s also really tongue-in-cheek and fun.”