Poochie bags – the new fashion pack

fuzzy nation
Meet Fuzzy Nation – The New Fashion Pack!
Never mind the catwalk, meet the dogwalk as Fuzzy Nation’s new range of canine-styled ‘poochie bags’ are set to put the ‘Bow!’ as well as the ‘Wow!’ in must have accessories for this autumn-winter.

Canine character bags have already been spotted amongst the designer accessories on show at Milan Fashion Week and Fuzzy Nation’s collection of suitably cute yet chic mutts (all top pedigree, of course) will be snuggling up under the arm, or nuzzling the shoulder of many a fashionista this winter. There’s a Pug, Boston, Chihuahua or Dachshund bag to choose from – or at just £39.00 each go completely K9 crazy and treat yourself to the whole litter – after all they’re the only cute puppies that’ll cost you nothing to feed and won’t nibble the furniture.

Each Fuzzy Nation ‘poochie bag’ in the AW 07 collection boasts a beautiful, unique and luxurious ‘coat’ comprising either vintage green tweeds, warm genteel paisleys or neon plaids leaving little doubt as to what is really (wo)mans best friend.

These chic accessories are truly loyal to the needs of their fashionista owners, as there is space enough inside these couture cuties for a tight selection of treats and grooming products and the stylish strap/ leash is the perfect length for over the shoulder smart, and making an impact during ‘walkies.

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