Polercise teacher set to judge South American dance contest

A NORTHERN IRELAND pole fitness instructor has been invited to South America to judge a prestigious dance competition. Eilionior Fegan, proprietor of Polercise Ltd, will jet off to Argentina this week after organisers asked her to be their guest judge at the Pole Dance Championships 2008.

El said: “I feel really honoured and privileged to have been asked out of all the schools. “It will be a great experience and I’m looking forward to seeing how pole dancing is perceived in another country.

“I will be looking for the girls displaying the skills and strength required to perform the most combination of spins and tricks possible throughout the routine with grace and pose.

“Hopefully I’ll pick up on some new moves to bring back to Ireland”.

The Pole Dance Championships Argentina 2008 takes place on September 5 and is open to all women, professional dancers, amateurs or instructors who practice poledancing as a fitness modality.

The competition will crown the Best Pole Dancer in Argentina and the winner will have the chance to come to Northern Ireland to compete at one of Polercise Ltd’s competitions.

El said: “The winner will be given the option to either participate in the Pole Divas Competition, which will be held in Letterkenny on September 17, or have a special part to play in our showcase in Belfast in December.

“The student will also be given the opportunity to take part in all our classes when she is over and generally have an insight into the running of Polercise”.

El has been pole dancing for exercise for over four years and opened her first studio in Belfast in 2005. Since then Polercise has become a fitness phenomenon and with branches in Belfast, Derry, Banbridge and Letterkenny its popularity is always growing.

She said: Polercise requires you to tone your muscles like Pilates and it’s great for overall toning, muscle strength and flexibility.

It really helps with confidence too. When people first come to the class they can be quite shy but after a few lessons I can really see them coming on and making friends”.

For further information on Polercise visit polerciseltd.com
By Tina Calder
Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi©