Pol brings back the essence of the new wave

"Behind the apparent simplicity of these tracks lie profound personal narratives"
25 August 2023

Siblings Ruben and Matthijs Pol, the intriguing duo from Amsterdam known as Pol, unleash their super exciting debut EP.

These brothers have really nailed it with their innovative and dynamic take on the New Wave genre. Their 5-track EP brings back the essence of this iconic movement in a fresh way, blending it with their unique creative vision.

Blending post-punk and glam rock to create their impressive new wave sound, L’Amour Fait Ma is leading the way in this sonic adventure as the catchy track that perfectly captures their unique sound that makes Pol stand out.

This track is a real mix of different sounds, with analog textures and cool synth lines. It’s got a really catchy beat that keeps the energy flowing throughout. These elements create the ideal setting for the beautifully soulful vocals that tie the whole piece together.

Ruben and Matthijs Pol elaborate on the track, noting that “’L’Amour Fait Mal’ is a harmonious blend of upbeat energy and poignant melancholy, encapsulating the essence of a new-wave love song.” 

Their lyrics are all about delving into the complicated issue of toxic masculinity and figuring out how they fit in this chaotic world. They also touch upon the intricate network of human relationships and the way they shape our lives.

Ruben and Matthijs give us the lowdown on the EP, sharing their own take on it: “Behind the apparent simplicity of these tracks lie profound personal narratives. Our creative journey has been an intense yet gratifying exploration, as we remained steadfast in our commitment to producing nothing short of our very best, given our current artistic capacities.”

These brothers aren’t just talented musicians, they’re also making waves in the fashion world, on the runways for big names like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Fendi, Valentino, and Dior. Their unique artistic expression is definitely catching everyone’s attention.

What is clear and tangible is that Pol is causing a stir in the new wave scene.

Photos by Jules van Eijs