Poetica unveils ‘Sleep When I’m Tired’

By Vee D

Poetica is a new project led by alt-folk-pop-roots songwriter, producer, and founder of MPress Records (Grace Pettis’ label), Rachael Sage. The latest single ‘Sleep When I’m Tired’ is surrounded by fluid acoustic guitar whilst Sage provides a breathy lead vocal. 

The music video for the single will be released later this month with richly colored greenery which provides just the right amount of ‘Blair Witch’ creepiness in this Nick Clark-directed audio-visual masterpiece. 

The inclusion of bluesy harmonica courtesy of UK musician Will Wilde adds a real dynamic to the track nestled in between the other spoken-word pieces on the album.  In conclusion, Poetica explores the mixture of varying genres and styles with musical skill and a thoughtful message. 





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