By Vee D

Thanksgiving is the debut single from POETICA, an avant-garde spoken word-jazz collective that shows a brand new side to frontwoman Rachael Sage’s lyrical personality.

Known for her bubbly alt-folk, Poetica presents a completely different path for the singer-songwriter, delving into psychedelic jazz-inspired backing tracks to support her lyrical journey into the delights of individuality on debut single Thanksgiving.

Weaving jazz references into her tales of the human experience, Poetica is Sage’s forays into the world of classical storytelling as an art. Always an entertainer, it seems Poetica is the first time this world-class artist is creating something wholly for herself.

“Writing song lyrics is very different for me than writing poems,” says Rachael Sage. “Poems come from a much more subconscious, a mysterious place that I would almost describe as a kind of soul-searching. It’s a very spiritual process for me and I usually learn something after the fact, once each poem is written. I’ve been really enjoying the absence of any kind of song structure while creating these arrangements, and I also greatly credit [cellist and collaborator] Dave Eggar for supporting this vision, and my writing, unequivocally.”

Thanksgiving is out now, with the rest of the self-titled full-length POETICA to follow on the 22nd October 2021.