Play’n GO Music debuts ‘Supernova’ in a groundbreaking collaboration with KEANA and Serin Oh

This revolutionary project introduces distinct renditions of the song, with lyrics specifically crafted to align with their artistic styles
13th December 2023

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Play’n GO Music, the gaming giants, have joined forces with the exceptional talents of KEANA and Serin Oh. Together, they’ve transformed the soundtrack of the acclaimed game Gargantoonz, resulting in the creation of Supernova. This revolutionary project introduces distinct renditions of the song, with lyrics specifically crafted to align with the artistic styles of KEANA and Serin Oh.

The unveiling of Supernova comes with an immersive campaign, offering audiences a peek behind the scenes through video content. This includes interviews, glimpses of the collaborative process, and culminates in a full video performance of the final result. Play’n GO Music’s mission is clear – to bridge the gap between gaming and music by collaborating with independent artists, ensuring their creations transcend into new realms.

As the innovative music division of Swedish gaming giant Play’n GO, Play’n GO Music sets out to revolutionize the gaming industry by releasing soundtracks from their flagship games and producing new music, all under the unique imprint of Play’n GO Music. Their debut release focuses on music from the blockbuster game Gargantoonz, part of the popular Reactoonz series.

Play’n GO Music breaks new ground by partnering with artists globally to create fresh renditions of in-game music, a pioneering move that sees these compositions released under the Play’n GO Music label. With a commitment to inclusivity, creativity, diversity, and fairness, Play’n GO Music strives to bring gaming and music closer together.

The recent launch of the Hugo Legacy game soundtrack stands as a testament to Play’n GO Music’s dedication to high-quality, immersive experiences. Crafted in-house and brought to life through a live recording session with the Czech Symphony Orchestra, this release exemplifies the group’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming soundtracks.

Inspired by gaming phenomena including Arcane, Valorant, League of Legends, Seraphine, K/DA, True Damage, Heartsteel, Pentakill, and Todd Baker, Play’n GO Music is poised to ignite unique collaborations, providing a distinct fusion of gaming and music that appeals to enthusiasts globally.​