Play Master Frequency unveils the electrifying ‘Glint Sound’

"The sound of light and creation, it is an expression of the universe’s womb"
12 July 2023

Play Master Frequency is a cool music production crew from Kuwait with a real passion for all things musical. Quantum composer and songwriter Muneera Alhumaidi is the mastermind behind this great project. She’s joined by Hani Alsayed, who handles all the music production and directing for the duo.

Discover this impressive new dance track Glint Sound by the creative force of Play Master Frequency. Imagine a super groovy tune that’s got it all: an infectious drum beat, harmonious strings, the amazing vocals of Hani Alsayed, and an electrifying guitar riff.

The duo say: “The strings at the beginning when it descends, they are a representation of our souls coming down to earth. Towards the end when the strings ascend it is about death and our souls leaving earth denser energy to lighter energy”.

The song is pretty clear-cut and leaves little room for guessing: “The sound of light and creation” according to the artists themselves – “it is an expression of the universe’s womb.”

Glint Sound is an amazing representation of the circle of life – from death to rebirth. The visuals in the music video beautifully portray this concept, with a planet-like object moving through different backgrounds.

Muneera Alhumaidi has an amazing talent for transforming simple notes into a beautiful symphony that will blow your mind.

She began her musical journey by learning the flute from her teacher, Hani Alsayed. They started performing together and eventually moved into producing their own music using a small studio and software.

Even during the pandemic, these two kept doing their thing and creating awesome pieces that reflect the global shift in consciousness. Their resilience was unwavering!

Together, they discovered her hidden talent and ended up writing over 40 awesome musical pieces.