There’s so much to love about Piney Girl’s latest album (her sixth!), though we can’t say we’re massively keen on the uppercase/lowercase fiasco that is it’s name – mR hYDE’S wILD rIDE. However, we soon got over it, discovered the joys of copy and paste and got on with listening to the 12 glorious tracks hidden within.
Opener, Gold Rules, is fuzzed up nod of the hat to the late 90s obsession with quirky female fronted grunge pop outfits, and very much an indication of the rest of the album’s effortlessly retro style. Tracks like ‘Keep It Together’, ’Tilt A Whirl’, ‘Yai Yai’ and ‘Mouse Of A Ghost’ exude an almost overbearing sweetness, but it is impossible not to like them, from the Stereolab-esque counterpoint between surreal vocals and intense and intricate melodies, to the carnival atmosphere that occurs when the album’s blasted out of your stereo speakers.

There are some departures from the album’s overall upbeat tone, stand out track being ‘Universe’, with its gentle surf rhythm and lovingly borrowed hooks from Beatles’ classic ‘Across The Universe’.

‘Purple Heart’ is a puzzler, with its Gregorian harmonies and subdued instrumentation. On an album as effervescent as ‘mR hYDE’S wILD rIDE’, it feels like it snuck in the back at the last minute, but the record is all the better for it.We don’t know why we can’t stop playing it, but there’s just something about the album that puts us in a fantastic mood every time we do. However, for those not in possession of a musical sweet tooth, Piney Gir’s unique way of looking at the world might be a bit too much.

‘mR hYDE’S wILD rIDE’ is released via Damaged Goods.


By Frank Bell ©