Brooklyn, NY-based Pictureplane – the exciting project by Travis Egedy – talks about ‘Hyper Real, his more than convincing hypnagogic new track, out now via IHC 1NFINITY, which comes with a rather engaging video directed by DEMONBABIES­.

‘Hyper Real’ comes with a smart remix package, courtesy of Jerome LOL, Dark0, Knife City (Luke from Anamanguchi) and Rabit.

First up how did you come up with the name Pictureplane? Any funny or clever story behind it?

I was in art school flipping through the index of a textbook and came across the phrase “picture plane”, which just means the two dimensional surface plane that a picture sits on. At the time I was really in to painting and drawing airplanes, and I liked the multiple meanings of the word “plane”.

Can you explain in few words Pictureplane?

Pictureplane is really a way for me to explore my artistic concepts through emotional means. I approach music in a very expressive and freeform way, much like abstract painting. Pictureplane has always been a vehicle for me to explore my artistic ideas, presenting them in a very public medium, which is music. A big part of what pictureplane is, is the live performance aspect.

Tell us something we should know about ‘Hyper Real’.

When something is “hyper real” it means that it is indistinguishable between artificial and real. I really like this concept of “reality engineering” , like who creates your reality? Are you allowing outside forces to construct how you view the world and live your life? Or do you create your own reality?

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

Its really spontaneous. I treat it like play. I just jam around until things start to click together and form the skeleton of a song. The lyrics and themes come later.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Right now I am listening to a lot of contemporary Grime stuff. Like Dark0, Murlo, MssingNo, Novelist, Visionist, emcees like K9…New american underground rap stuff like Bones, denzel curry, yung simmie, OG maco, awful records. shoutout to noah 23, and weirdo hardcore punk shit like Crazy spirit, dawn of humans, L.O.T.I.O.N, Nomads. I’ve been listening to “trout mask replica” a lot too . And amps from christ.
I’ve been obsessing about reading about alternative archaeology and history. Thinkers like Graham Hancock and John Anthony West.

People trying to uncover the real history of humans on earth in times of “pre history”. Trying to expose an entire forgotten chapter of history where people were extremely advanced in the distant past. Its fascinating.

What’s the best and worst thing about NYC?

The access to an infinite amount of events and culture. Its never ending. Its beautiful but can be exhausting and extremely distracting as an artist.

NYC is constantly changing like some weird blob of slime too. Its super cool, but relationships seem to come and go quickly here.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Genesis P Orridge.

What was the last gig you played, what did you think of it ?

I played at this wild DIY warehouse called Aviv, in Brooklyn. it sort of reminds me of my old house, Rhinoceropolis, in Denver. There was a live demonstration where you could watch porn on an oculus rift.

Tell us about your next show and why we should be there

Im doing a 6 show tour with my friend, Heems from das racist! He is a great artist and the shows are going to be epic!

What do you have planned next?

Im putting out an entire new album this fall called “TECHNOMANCER” . Watch out for it.


By Fabrizio Belluschi ©