PHIA Z Shines With Retro-Pop Gem IN YOUR DREAMS

By Vasco Dega

Dazzling with a stunning harmony of retro-pop sounds, Alt-Pop singer Phia Z unveils her latest single In Your Dreams. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, the retro pop princess released her debut single Haunted in 2018, and has been amassing a steady stream of recognition ever since; with her last major single release, Baby Steps, reaching over 120,000 Spotify streams. 

For her latest Alt-Pop bop, Phia has returned with a colourful and nostalgic soundscape, tinged with retro pop beats and shimmering synths. A playful and relatable pop anthem, Phia’s heavenly vocals work wonders on top of a glossy arrangement; with lyrics that speak to the comical dating scene of LA. And alluding to her Greek-American heritage, she incorporates some teasing lines of Greek in the hook. 

When revealing the meaning behind the track, Phia explains “I specifically wrote this song for the Instagram fame-seeking men of Los Angeles who live off their trust fund and think they can get with anyone. I playfully wrote this song to remind these types of men, wherever they may be in the world, that you can dream of having someone all you want, but it may never become a reality”.

We can’t wait to see what’s next!