Peter Whitaker Shares ERASE Video

Peter Whitaker, hailing from Maryland is back with Erase. The track showcasing Peter’s lyricism, being both emotive and authentic with impeccable melodies to match. Watch the Erase video here: 

Erase is about losing touch with a partner, and embraces tasteful production and guitar-work with haunting vocal performance. Elaborating on the release Peter outlines: “Erase is about someone who you used to share a connection with, and now they are slowly removing you from their life. This feeling of fear that you will be completely erased from their life.”

Having written from an early age you can tell time has been spent finessing the art of songwriting, illustrated by his 400K Spotify streams. Most recently, Peter has also had streaming success with A Little More which just supposed half-a-million listens.

Listen to A Little More...