PET PUMA’s Video For SPACESHIP Has Landed!

Pet Puma are an unlikely band to say the least. Consisting of a professional stuntwoman, Instagram influencer, dungeon master, entrepreneur and a songwriter, it wouldn’t be surprising if this melting pot of influences and varied approaches had led to nothing. But, with Pet Puma, this was certainly not the case. 

Heralded by BBC Introducing themselves as “something sublime”, debut single Spaceship is a fun and funky romp through the land of pop and up into outer space. The song itself sounds like something straight out of the Prince back catalogue, mixed in with the rock ‘n’ roll vibrancy of someone like the Mystery Jets. Altogether, though, it could only ever sound like Pet Puma. 

The video, just released, is as fun and ridiculous as the band itself. Taking place during what seems to be a children’s arts and crafts show, we see the band putting their money where their mouth is and building a spaceship out of paper, glue and paint, with the help of their trusty puppet friend. It’s one hell of a throwback, with serious 80s vibes, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

The band (John, Violet, Kane, Matt and Tom) are recently formed after having played in different line-ups as in-demand session performers or, in Violet’s case, success in the acting/stunt double world. Their diverse range of careers has given them fuel for their creative fire and a desire to bring some joy with their music; which songwriter and lead singer, John, infuses into every track.

Straight back into the studio to continue work on their forthcoming releases, Pet Puma are unfurling their (perfectly manicured) claws and hungrily booking gigs for 2020. 

Watch the 80s nostalgia-tinged video below and make sure to follow Pet Puma on their socials (@petpumamusic) to keep up to date with the latest!