pepe1The unique, strange and wonderful Pepe Deluxé is set to play Raindance Film Festival’s opening night gala afterparty.

This intercontinental electric orchestra has been producing incredible soundtracks comprising an intriguing mix of hip-hop, 60′s psychedelia, exotica and cinematic music, spliced together with an electronic feel, since 1996.

Although led by Paul Malmström and James Spectrum (a.k.a. Jari Salo), the group has played sets with up to 63 members spread across three continents – and their interests range from creating music, to creating technology, to writing and directing videos.
The six member Pepe Deluxé live experience plays very few gigs each year, and each one is extraordinarily special.

Pepe Deluxé’s next album has been subsidized by American instrumentalist Ron Jeremy in return for a private, single-copy album of music created specifically for him.