Pendulum to play their new album at Beach Break Live

The summer is hotting up, and excitement is building for Beach Break Live – the only boutique festival for students this summer. The beach is calling! Now less than 4 weeks away and only 1000 tickets left this hot young festival can reveal the full line up and a very exciting addition!

The mighty Pendulum from Perth (Western Australia) are back with their second album, In Silico. With their ‘Propane Nightmares’ single currently in the UK Top 10, Pendulum are now deep into a critically acclaimed European tour to support the release of ‘In Silico’, which is expected to debut in the top 5 of the UK album charts this week.

Beach Break Live are pleased as punch to announce that, in between these dates, they will be joining the already brilliant line up with a headline DJ set, accompanied by MC Verse.

Lots of things to see and do, but for the music freak in you, check this lot out!

Main Stage
The Enemy
The Wombats
The Cribs
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly
Does it Offend You Yeah?
One Night Only
Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong
Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip
Team Water Polo
Boy Kill Boy
Vincent Vincent & The Villians
Noah and The Whale
Johnny Flynn
James Owen Fender
Wallis Bird
Hitchcock Rules
Aynzli Jones
Mad Dog McRee
Baker Brothers
Rosie and The Goldbug
Rodney Brannigan
Trojan Soundsystem

Dance tent
Pendulum DJ Set & MC Verse**
Mr Scruff
Plump DJ’s
The Scratch Perverts
Stanton Warriors & MC Wrec
Sway (Live)
Beat Bullyz (Live)
Dynamite MC
Eric Sol
Freerange Party Society (Live)
Devils Gun (Live)
Cassette Jam
Trojan Soundsystem
Marc Roberts

ACM Present Stage
Nick Harrison
8 Fold
Big Trains Haymaker
The Getaway Team
The Dirty Disco’s
Carter Brown
Frank Hamilton
Seven Story Down
Rokhsan Heydari
Four Fables
Silent Film Project
Hijack Oscar
Es Vedra
Charlie Wingfield
Joe Francis and The Ammunition
A Certain Shade
The Madrips
Zion & The White boys
The Rudimentary Confusion
Little Things

The Barn
Nik Barrel & The Gin Club
Emily Teague
Danni Nicholls
Tommy Armstrong
6 Day Riot
Barny Rumbold
Juliana Meyer
The Mighty Pees
Neil Halstead
Willie and the Bandits
Hollie Rogers
Toby Pellow
Nicki Rous
Gran Torino
Andrea Kenny & The Cavalry
The General Store
Peter Conway
Ella Edmondson
The Shy
Ben Howard
Hannah Harris

The Lost Gardens
A musical round the world in just 3 days…. artists performing music and dance from Australasia to Asia, Spain to South American and then from Arabia to Africa

Other general Ents
Indiscriminate and unexpected circus performances, breakdancing, aerialists, capoera, fire shows, brass bands and all manner of other assorted craic and delight.


Beach Break Live is not just about the music, there’s a high fun factor to add some alternative entertainment to the proceedings. Here’s the full run down of the Cornish Games to whet your whistle

The Games
The Mighty ‘Pimp My Sheep Grand Prix’
Customise your sheep (a real live warm blooded woolly sheep – not) in the pit stop pimping pens, ready to race on the infamous Padstow Circuit. With grandstand viewing this will be the cream of the race season.

Cornish Fruit Golf Firing Range
Bananas, Oranges, Pineapples, Pasties. T off with your favourite / deadliest looking fruit missile and try to hit one of our random moving humanoids, 20 points for the saucy Nurse, 30 points for the drunk Vicar etc etc

The Mud Hole Show Down

An immaculately designed mud wrestling pit where people can settle grudges and battle for glory in 2 feet of Cornish sludge.

The Slippery Slide
Various strange and wacky races down this treachorous slope of doom. Arm bands, lassoo’s and budgie smugglers a must!

The Barn
Pass the Pigs World Championships
The world cup student championship’s is here. Bring on the Double Leaning Jowler’s and the Oinker’s. With heats held over the first two days and the opportunity to enter into the grudge matches, the aim of the game is to compile a higher score than your opponents by throwing two large ‘pigs’ and landing them in crazy yogic positions. The grand final will be held on the last day crowning the new student world PTP champions!!

Toss a Weird Object

A pentathlon of throwing skills where competitors will have to master each of the specialised disciplines. The left handed pasty shot put, the welly hammer throw, the surfboard javelin and the toss the hay bail caber and the ultimate chuck the hay handful! (world record so far 927millimetres).

The Giant Pig Piñata

This is a version of the classic Mexican game but with a Cornish twist. In-between the heats of pass the pigs the piñatas will be rolled out for the audience to attack. There will be some nice and nasty surprises, be warned!

What are you waiting for!!! Ticket details available at