paz1NYC producer, vocalist, and street artist PAZ shares as a free download ‘The Silence’, a clever collaboration with Crywolf and frequent Skrillex associate, Aylen.

Paz explains: “It sounds like Miley Cyrus twerking with the Pink Power Ranger in a phone booth, except someone just threw a rabid wolverine into the phone booth, and Miley’s screaming and the Pink Power Ranger’s screaming, and the green power ranger is outside frantically trying to break down the door with an aluminum baseball bat while Jared Leto sings the theme song from High School Musical.

Then Ellen takes a selfie of the whole scene as the wolverine launches through the window and murders everyone…… Its a love song…”

“The Silence” is the first single from PAZ’s 13-track mixture, ‘From The Bottom Of My Heart To The Top of Your Lungs’, a 45-minute mix featuring collaborations with some of EDM’s biggest rising stars, including Dillon Francis, Kill The Noise, Syn Cole, heRobust, PrototypeRaptor, UZ, D!RTY AUDIO, and Crywolf.

Paz is best known for his subversive antics…like stealing Paris Hilton’s birthday cake and giving it to the homeless)…