Paul Roux drops sweeping, cinematic, and emotional EP ‘The Humanity’

"I wanted to create some time out, with the Humanity EP acting as personal therapy for me."
10 October 2022

By Vee D

Paul Roux is a self-taught composer from Montpellier, France. He began composing as a child when he was growing up in an artistic family.

His new offering The Humanity EP continues where the producer’s debut album, World as Memorial Home left off. With sounds that are both spiritual and ghostly, this release has deep roots in the classic Chicago sound.

Roux writes music to be experienced in the dark. The Humanity EP’s cinematic style is a deep commitment to craft and speaks to the human connection. The sound is like a heartbeat, beating low and heavy with raw energy.

This is a sound that has always been “us” and one that will continue to represent who we are, humans.

“What I appreciate about art and music is its strength, power, and ability to provide escapism and a moment to question ourselves,” – explains Roux – “We live in a fast-paced world where overconsumption is rife. I wanted to create some time out, with the Humanity EP acting as personal therapy for me; A self- assessment of nature and of things I find essential in life.” 

“The environment inspires me, so when I create music, I go on an adventure and try to share my feelings and vision,” – reveals Roux – “When creating Humanity, I’m dreaming of a warm place…where the skies are blue, and the birds sing.”

The album begins with Humanity which features lots of melancholy strings, ghostly soundscapes and a rhythmic flow that’s slow yet powerful. The EP is full of tracks that’ll make you feel fully immersed.

Adventure is the upbeat tone of the new record. The track begins with a soulful house beat but progresses to a more atmospheric sound with music seeming to rise like a crescendo of waves–taking much inspiration from the outside world.

All tracks are sweeping, cinematic, and emotional. A sonic canvas that captures the human condition.

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