Patrick Swayze voted top big-screen kisser of all time

Britain’s all-time favourite screen kiss has been revealed as Patrick Swayze kissing Demi Moore in the 1990 blockbuster film, Ghost.

To celebrate the 13th annual National Kissing Day, its founder Denplan commissioned the survey to ask people to name their top three favourite screen kisses. Second most popular rated kiss was the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp, where pampered pedigree pooch Lady shares a surprise spaghetti kiss with loveable rogue Tramp (36%).

In third place was Swayze again, this time with Jennifer Grey in the 1987 blockbuster Dirty Dancing as they kiss in public for the first time (35%).

Swayze’s still got it
Swayze was the clear favourite with the females surveyed, who voted Ghost (50%) and Dirty Dancing (43%) as their top two. The star of both blockbusters, who turns 56 this year, clearly remains a heartthrob for many.

Surprisingly more in touch with their feelings than previously given credit for, men voted for Ghost first (40%), Lady and the Tramp romped in second with 36% and one of the greatest romantic tragedies of recent time, Titanic, received 33% coming in third.

Oldie but not a goodie
Unexpectedly, classic films Gone with the Wind, From Here to Eternity and Breakfast at Tiffany’s all ranked low in the voting at sixth, seventh and tenth places respectively.

However, these still remain the favourites of the over 65’s, whose top three screen smooches were Lady and the Tramp (40%), Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler’s tempestuous kiss in Gone with the Wind (36%), and Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr’s classic beach clinch in From Here to Eternity (36%).

Creator of the first National Kissing Day back in 1995 and Denplan Managing Director, Stephen Gates, said: “We created National Kissing Day as a fun way to raise the profile of dentistry among consumers so that it had a connection with everyday life and not just six-month check-ups.

“While oral healthcare is a serious matter impacting general health, being sombre about it doesn’t necessarily always get the message across – people tend to think ‘that doesn’t apply to me’. National Kissing Day is a great opportunity for people to kiss their loved ones and remember the importance of oral healthcare; we hope everyone will be doing that today.”