Patrick Doval unleashes ‘Back Home’

"The song is about the daily struggles of life, feeling lost and being stuck in the rat race and trying to find someone who can help youfind your way 'back home'"
11 February 2024

Mastering the Art of Indie Rock through innovation and collaboration

Patrick Doval unveils his latest richly dynamic single Back Home, featuring Doval on vocals, guitars, and bass guitar, with Pete Parada on the drums. Doval explains: “After Pete Parada made headlines from the departure of the band “The Offspring”, I reached out to him and he agreed to play drums on my song “Soulless Machine”. I can’t believe I managed to get Pete Parada ( the former drummer from the band The “Offspring” ) in my music video !”

He adds: “The song is about the daily struggles of life, feeling lost and being stuck in the rat race and trying to find someone who can help youfind your way ‘back home'”

Patrick Doval’s trajectory in the indie rock sphere highlights the compelling fusion of artistic imagination and musical creativity. Making his mark in 2008, Doval has not only unveiled six albums and a plethora of singles but has also compiled an impressive array of 25 music videos, affirming his status as a versatile artist.

The unveiling of Obscured in 2016, led by the standout track Sugarless Candy, marked a pivotal chapter in Doval’s career, propelling him onto the FMQB radio charts and securing extensive airplay throughout the United States. Yet, it was his 2022 collaboration with Pete Parada, the erstwhile drummer for The Offspring, on the track Soulless Machine, that truly magnified Doval’s capacity to synergize with other creative talents and elevate his musical offerings. This alliance not only underscored Doval’s musical skill but also his flair for crafting evocative visuals and storylines, garnering praise from both music critics and aficionados.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Billy Idol and The Clash, Doval forges a sound that melds throwback vibes with a contemporary edge. His body of work is distinguished by its originality and unwavering commitment, despite him not having performed at major gigs or festivals yet.  The meticulous recording process, involving collaboration between Miami and Nashville, and the inclusion of high-quality mastering, brings a polished and dynamic sound to his tracks.

Soulless Machine and Doval’s recent work reflect the daily struggles and the quest for meaning in the modern world, with music videos that demonstrate his dedication to artistic vision and boundary-pushing creativity. This includes innovative approaches like the destruction of a guitar bought from and the creation of a mutoscope for Soulless Machine.

Patrick Doval’s career is a compelling narrative of artistic perseverance, innovation, and collaboration within the indie rock scene. His musical landscape highlights the critical role of imaginative creativity in music, demonstrating that through talent, commitment, and the capacity to collaborate with fellow artists, independent musicians can reach remarkable achievements and produce meaningful, enduring contributions.