Patient delivers an electrifying new single ‘Bon Voyage’

"It's about walking away from a toxic relationship and knowing that the other person won't realize what they had until you're gone"
5 July 2024
Photo by Daniel Shippey

Patient, the dynamic five-piece band from the Southern regions of Georgia and Florida, returns to captivate fans with their emotionally charged new single, Bon Voyage. Renowned for their thrilling fusion of rock, pop punk, and post-hardcore, Patient continues to enhance their growing reputation with music that deeply resonates with audiences.

When the doors of love slam shut, Bon Voyage throttles us with a chaotic stew of anguish, fury, and, ultimately, redemption, crystallizing the moment we break free from the weight of our miseries.

The band share: “‘Bon Voyage’ is about walking away from a toxic relationship and knowing that the other person won’t realize what they had until you’re gone.”

It’s a tough reality, but sometimes the best way to find clarity is by cutting out the source of drama. This song powerfully underscores that message, celebrating the liberation from toxic relationships and reminding us of our own worth.

Photo by Daniel Shippey

 It’s hard to miss the urgent, visceral thrill that drives this track, where pounding drums, heart-on-sleeve vocals, and high-octane breakdowns careen together in a blur of sound, throwing open the doors to a sonic landscape that’s both cathartic and cerebral, equal parts raw aggression and nagging melody.

But Bon Voyage is a wake-up call, a musical slap in the face that reminds you to value yourself and bid farewell to the folks who didn’t. Since debuting during the pandemic, Patient has rapidly ascended with their initial release, Past Lives, which highlighted their raw energy and passion for music.

The enthusiastic reception of their early work set the stage for their upcoming Fever Dreams EP. The band’s latest EP tease, Bon Voyage, hints at a storyline that’s as captivating as it is authentic, waiting to unfurl before eager fans. With the full album release of Fever Dreams just around the corner, Bon Voyage fires up the anticipation, showcasing the full emotional impact Patient is ready to unleash. 

The raw, beating heart of the band’s music pumps with every note, articulating the triumphant cry of those who’ve clung to hope in desperation, surviving the unendurable and rising, resurrected, from the ashes. When Patient takes the stage, their extraordinary flair for melding styles creates an unforgettable experience.

A symphony of feelings flood their music, forming an intricate bond between the artists and their devotees that refuses to wane. On the cusp of their EP release, Patient is riding a wave of creative energy, fueled by the passionate, open-hearted tales that have become their hallmark.