Päter is dazzling with their new indie pop gem ‘Nicotine Hallelujah’

"It captures the anxiety I had about growing up with a lot of dreams and no idea how to get there"
3 August 2023

Päter, whose real name is Parmida Kakavand, is an exceptionally gifted artist who resides in Toronto and has strong Iranian heritage. Their unique artistic style is influenced by the combination of their talents and cultural background.

Nicotine Hallelujah is their brand new indie pop gem. Päter certainly knows how to captivate listeners with their unique blend of happy and sad songs. The addition of sarcasm to their lyrics is a fascinating addition to their music.

Through the lyrics, Päter paints a thought-provoking picture of the future, influenced by the pivotal decision to try a cigarette. It’s a sardonic reflection that showcases their unique perspective and creative abilities.

Päter reveals: “I wrote this song after smoking my first cigarette at 16 years old and thinking ‘this is where the downward spiral begins.’ It captures the anxiety I had about growing up with a lot of dreams and no idea how to get there. It’s one of the few that’s stuck with me this long. Over the years the song has taken on a life of its own…Then I sat in my room and wrote this. it has never stayed off my set list for long. and now it’s in the world!”

Päter‘s anthemic refrain is truly captivating, effortlessly flying over the gentle beat of the guitars and the steady rhythm. A touch of grace is added to the music, making it even more enchanting. The direct approach they adopts in the presentation of Päter‘s music enables their skills to shine and captivate listeners with their beautiful melodies and fascinating narration.

This exciting release, marks the beginning of a collaboration between Päter and acclaimed BC producer, Howard Redekopp. His remarkable work with renowned artists like Mother Mother and The New Pornographers has earned him a well-deserved reputation. Their collaboration holds the promise of something truly extraordinary and exceptional.

Päter’s debut single, Dam, Damn has amassed more than 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Following on the heels of that success, Päter released two EPs, the self-produced SOLE (2020) and WHEREFORE WEEP I THEN? (2022), an EP on unrequited love.

Their unique sound can be best described as indie pop/rock drama, combining the raw energy of scrappy rock with emotionally charged storytelling.

Make sure you keep an eye on the work of Päter and see their creativity develop over the coming months.