patchy1Check out London based Electro-Po​p songstress Patchy. Her impressive debut album ‘Illuminations’ is released the 3rd June on Manual Music. The rather good lead track from the album ‘Starting Now’, is a fresh and breezy pop anthem.

Speaking about the album, lovely Patchy says: “The songs on ‘Illuminations’ span over a decade and cover some of the most fun and memorable times had, as well as being used as a way of venting and getting through the harder times.

Most of the tracks began on acoustic guitar and piano which I then developed using a Reason and a synth.”patchy2About the video for ‘Starting Now’ Patchy says: “The video to ‘Starting Now’ references an urban film set in Hackney marshes called ‘Fish Tank’. We wanted to create an atmosphere which starkly contrasted the breezy disco feel of this summery track and which also reflected my character ‘Mia’s’ yearn to be a dancer.”

“The fact she doesn’t dance well in the film was lucky, as there is a lot left to be said about my Hiphop dancing! We thought the concrete estate backdrop tied in well with the urban synth-pop sounds of the song as well as the artwork featured on the album.

It’s been lots of fun researching, working on and shooting this film, despite falling over a lot attempting Mia’s moves…We hope its an admirable ode to the film itself!”

Patchy ‘Illuminations’ is released 3rd June via Manual Music
Launch Party: The Social London, Tuesday 28th May