Review – Pat McManus, Pavillion (Rock Radio Xmas party), December 9.

An un-announced Pat McManus crept onto stage and began playing…..”shit the gig has started” I exclaim as I run off to get my phone I left on charge under a random table.

By the time I take the 10 steps back to my seat the smiliest man in rock has commanded the room like a stunned child when the teacher does a cool experiment.
All eyes were on the stage, bodies still, and a motionless room is captivated by his magnetic force.

Well all except that weird guy at the front who seems to be a superfan – he can’t stop air-guitaring.

So having not seen Pat in any of his formations before I didn’t know what to expect and when he told the room to clap our hands and I was confused….but happily so!

When Andy from Last Known Addiction practically beat the world record for guitar solos in one set earlier in the night I didn’t expect anyone to top it… I am educated – Pat is obviously known for his solo’ing and that’s obvious as people move to the edge of their seats to get a closer look each time he moves to the front of the stage and opens into one on his very nice red guitar.

For those of you who don’t know who Pat is – google him, I’m not a biographer……lol At this point in my review I’ve just noticed a fiddle on stage…..Hmmmmm pushing the boundaries of rock n roll me thinks ?

So what else can I say ? Pat is the type of guy you come to watch to see and hear some amazing playing…lyrically I’m not taking much notice but then that’s the kind of music this is.

It’s foot-tapping, head-nodding, good time rock. Totally worth the tenner, and I would definitely be back.
By Tina Calder