margaux-avrilFrench/American Paris based versatile and stylish siren, Margaux Avril, talks about her lush future-pop bijou ‘Soon’ and opens up on continuing to live her passions and how to find her place in this world…

‘Soon’ is produced with French-British duo Postaal, Tristan Salvati and Alex Gopher (mastering).

How are you Margaux?

I’m good! Very excited.

What’s on your mind right now…?

The set we are going to play with Bon Voyage Organisation to open Breakbot’s show at l’Olympia in Paris tonight! And obviously my new single ‘Soon’ which is going to be released later that month. It’s always exciting, but scary in the meantime.

You’re a songwriter, singer, musician, photographer and a muse…Where do you see yourself in five years? 🙂

This is a hard question / answer. I don’t even know where I see myself tonight 2 hours after getting out of stage! Ideally I would see myself continuing to live my passions, doing the link between them all, travelling, meeting new people, discovering, and of course, still learning.margaux-avrilSince your 2013’s French album with Capitol Records, how is your approach to music developed?

I think the need to do something as close as possible to me, to my personality and to what I like to listen to became essential. To make a difference between who you are, what you like to listen to and what you will be able to defend as your personal project is a long and not-that-easy process. Finding the right balance takes time and energy and I think this is actually what I really worked for. Still, it’s evolving all the time, that’s what makes it difficult but interesting in the same time. I see creation like a process perpetually in movement, and I know that I can’t only create what people expect me to…

Tell us about your collabs with Postaal, Tristan Salvati, and Alex Gopher…

I have a long term work relationship with Tristan as we made my first album together. We took time apart to finally find ourselves ‘back together’. With this new project we really wanted to feel free to do something that would really thrill us, for us and not for a label… Teaming up with Postaal came naturally as I love their music; it was a common desire to work together. We met, and the team made out of the 4 of us worked naturally. I knew Alex’s work (and reworks !) for a long time, I was quite a fan, and it’s known he’s great at mastering! So when he accepted to put his final touch to the song, I was thrilled.

What is ‘Soon’ for you?

It’s very personal. First of all, it’s a leap of faith I took doing this project in English. It’s also a mix of feelings I have and that always stays with me. So it was like describing how I deal with life but still trying not to say everything in the same time. The thoughts on how to live, to face your feelings, good and bad memories, how to find your place in this world…That’s always changing (your place or the world? that’s the question..!!)margaux-avril2What were your influences and vibes whilst writing it?

To be honest, it was a spontaneous workflow. We were inspired by a conversation we had making statements on how we were facing problems. We wanted to express those with poetic vibes and images; giving a glow of hope in an environment that can be hostile sometimes.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

I wouldn’t talk about musical influences, but inspirations. I listen to a lot of music of different kinds. It goes from rock to electronic, to pop music and classic. I like discovering new artists, new songs, and keep a bit of what I had a love at first sight with them. Non-musical would be everything else! Everything around is inspiring. Stories of your friends, your own, a movie, a good line in a book, an exhibition, pictures, encounters, discovering new places…

Can you reveal anything about your new album out Spring 2017?

Not really, as I am still in the process of writing it. But there will definitely be some uptempo tracks as well. It will be sincere, according to my moods, and I will continue trying to analyze my reactions, my feelings and my generation’s way to deal with life, hurting, choices and love.

How would you describe your style?

I would say that it’s always about comfort, being at ease with yourself. So it’s quite minimalist and classic, but always with a little twist. It also really depends on my mood (and the weather, I have to admit…ahahahah). But I definitely like statement pieces.

By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FM

Photography by Loreleï Buser Suero