By Vasco Dega

Berlin based singer-songwriter Yvonne Ambrée, better known by her moniker Panteon, returns with her first release of the year, as she delivers her brand new single Seven.

Adding to her growing sonic collection, she continues to explore her eclectic brand of dream-pop, indie and alternative artistry – creating music to connect and inspire. The latest example of her artistic talents, Seven is the latest self-produced single by Panteon. Writing, recording and producing all of her music, she creates a more intimate and relatable experience for the listener. 

Opening the track is a dazzling instrumental, infused with jazz, indie and pop vibes. With gentle guitar riffs and soft electronic synths, the delicate soundscape draws you in from the very first note. Above the nostalgic and enchanting melody are Panteon’s serene and warm vocals, filled with soul and emotion. As the song progresses, layers of percussive beats, vocal harmonies and vibrant melodies make their way onto the sonic landscape, further bringing you into the intoxicating world of the song. 

Discussing the inspiration and meaning behind the song, Panteon explains: Seven is about all the things and situations you leave behind as well as all the things you reintroduce into your life after a drastic change has taken place. It plays with the concept of letting go of certain routines and developing new ones to rediscover that it is possible to move on with a new path – possibly even a better one”. 

Panteon is certainly highlighting herself as a rising artist to watch, and we can look forward to more new music from the talented singer as she prepares for the release of her upcoming album.


Photo by Sebastian Sellner