Ozark Riviera embrace summer nostalgia with D.Y.R.W.

"It's an ode to sunny days and a love song to starry nights"
31 August 2023

Originally from the state of Arkansas, in the southern United States, Ozark Riviera, this enagaging group of self-proclaimed “aliens in human suits” is here to embracing summer nostalgia and most of all to give us a dose of life lessons through their music.

D.Y.R.W., the first single from Ozark Riviera, captures the essence of anticipation and nostalgia that comes with the arrival of summer.

Crafted by singer Ethan McKinney and drummer Luke Small, the song embodies the emotions that accompany seasonal changes.

McKinney and Small found themselves aspiring to the carefree days of summer, and D.Y.R.W. was born out of their desire to encapsulate these feelings into this stunning song.

The track is made up of fun guitar rhythms, heartfelt melodies, and poignant imagery to reflect on a tapestry of memories, both joyful and bittersweet.

Lines like “Every night when I look up to the sky, I feel each second as it passes me by,” evoke a sense of fleeting moments, while the refrain “But I’ll be happy when the summer comes around” resonates with the universal longing for warmth and sunshine.

Although recorded in McKinney‘s room and cast during the summer jobs scattered band members across states, D.Y.R.W. captures a sense of unity and coherence that reflects the members’ shared anticipation for the season’s embrace.

McKinney tenderly describes the song as “an ode to sunny days and a love song to starry nights,” inviting listeners to join him in toasting to the vibrant tapestry of emotions that summer evokes.

Blending Indie, Soft Rock, Americana, and Yacht Rock elements, this five-piece ensemble’s sound defies easy categorization, delivering a refreshing and inviting experience to listeners.

D.Y.R.W. from Ozark Riviera, which is a natural addition to our playlists, reminds us how music can transcend earthly experiences and take us into a realm of feelings and memories.