ozonna1Young UK musician Ozonna is a man of many talents. He is also an outspoken artist that has some very cool friends and fans. The teenager can very happily count Paris Hilton, Marina & The Diamonds among his loyal followers.

The Ukulele player has come very far in such a short time and his upcoming album will see him pushed even further.

Fame caught up with Ozanna recently to discuss his music and much more.

So great to finally meet you Ozonna. I guess first up we may as well ask you how you got into the music industry?

I have always wanted to make music from a very young age its the only thing that ever took my heart.

I really started taking it seriously in boarding school i felt trapped and needed to make a start so i got a little mic and started demoing songs in my room on Garageband and putting them up on Myspace and just network and going out for open mics in London, I just threw myself into into it and found my way.

For me its always been music or nothing. Theres no two way street. I said to myself i’d either make it or die trying. Broke life all the way, I don’t do it for the money. ozanna4What about the Ukuele. It plays a big part in your work we hear?

I use it to write music on the ukulele and it used to play a big part in my sound but i am in a different place with my music and over the years i just wasn’t feeling like making music with it anymore. My sound has since evolved but i still use it to write music and you’ll always catch me playing it in my live shows.

So how does a guy from London end up recording material in New York?

I had the opportunity and took it.

What can you tell our readers about your upcoming album?

Insanity. Not going to say much on it because i’m still recording and everyday is just a different more awesome experience but its sounding INSANE!! In the best way possible.
You have some big name celebrity fans. They include the likes of Paris Hilton of course. How does it make you feel to know that people at that level are praising your work?

Haha praising might be an overstatement but it certainly feels awesome..

Speaking of your music. How would you sell it to our readers?

Rnb Dub Pop. If your into Dance electro or dub step and want a little bit more of a different experience then step this way.

As a young musician starting out in the business you must have had many pieces of advice thrown at you. Have any stuck in your mind?

Staying focused and work hard I guess the best advice that comes to mind. But then again thats pretty much common sense.

What does the rest of 2013 hold for Ozonna. Have you any tours/festival appearances lined up?

A lot of things in the works in terms of shows and festivals both in London and New York but i have nothing confirmed yet but if you keep an eye out on my Facebook.com/ozonna, I will be keeping you updated on there very soon.

Have you any other releases planned for 2013?

I just posted up a new track ‘Rush Like Wow’ on my sound cloud page sound loud.com/ozonna. No official releases yet, I’ll keep you posted on my social sites but check out the new track on the sound cloud. If you like Me & You On Top You’ll Love it.

Finally Ozonna may we ask where you would like to see yourself in five years time?

Sold out Madison Square Garden. Hahaha. If you ask me an honest question i’ll give you an honest answer and Thats where i see myself. I should probably be more modest but i’d rather be honest.