Oxy delves into the nuances of improvisation in his debut track ‘Fuel’

“Improvisation has always been an essential part of my music, whether on the piano or machines"
19 October 2023

Parisian creative Oxy, has artfully threaded his musical trajectory by collaborating with local luminaries, gracing prestigious concert halls with his performances, and curating events in association with the Jazztronicz label.​ Now, the stage is set for Oxy to unveil his debut EP, Freequation, in January 2024, featuring the appetizing lead single, Fuel, already resonating across platforms.

Harmonizing classical grace with electronic ingenuity, the track Fuel presents a remarkable synthesis of piano, synths, and drums. It not only highlights Oxy‘s inventive flair but also explores the nuances of improvisation. Oxy articulates, “Improvisation has always been an essential part of my music, whether on the piano or machines; that’s where I can express myself most freely. This freedom only makes sense when mastered at the right moment. ‘Fuel’ addresses the obstacles that can hinder or sometimes inspire us to improvise.”

Revealing the inspiration behind the track,’ Oxy elaborates,Fuel is our own energy, thoughts that we all eventually need to function properly.”  This thematic exploration echoes throughout his forthcoming six-track EP Freequation, a testament to Oxy’s ability to infuse personal experiences into his sonic creations.

Behind the enigmatic moniker Oxy lies Auxane Cartigny, a young prodigy who honed his craft on the revered benches of the Conservatoire de Tourcoing. His extensive education, spanning piano, classical percussion, and jazz, laid the foundation for a musical journey marked by technical brilliance.

Oxy‘s passion for the piano began in the United States, nurtured by a neighbour’s introduction to the instrument. Returning to France, he delved into piano lessons, setting the stage for a career that evolved organically. Immersed in Paris’ dynamic music scene, Oxy played pivotal roles in bands like DAÏDA and Roni Poni, but his true desire was to soar solo.

“The rest came naturally,” he reveals. “Soon enough, I wanted to make a career out of it, and from secondary school onwards, I began to perfect my musical culture. I also started improvising and composing.”

Fuel emerges as the outcome of a meticulously crafted sonic landscape, a production guided by the groundbreaking Jazztronicz label. It heralds the flourishing of Oxy, positioning him as an artist ready to reshape the future soundscape.


Photos: Lauren Burton