‘Overview’ by BRAJ – The journey of love in sound

“It encapsulates the universally relatable desire to foresee a relationship's trajectory before diving in"
8 September 2023

Discover Jordan Kellaway and Nev Benjamin, the brilliant pair that created the intriguing musical endeavor known as BRAJ.

BRAJ‘s distinctive sound is showcased in their highly-anticipated new track Overview, the way they fuse 2000s R&B vibes with the freshest contemporary pop elements is a testament to their relentless pursuit of artistic innovation.

The enchanting voice of Jordan Kellaway will lead us into an emotional rollercoaster as we embark on Overview. His lyrics have a magnetic pull, resonating with emotions you never knew needed a musical backdrop. Simultaneously, Nev Benjamin‘s infectious production and mesmerizing soundscapes take control, compelling your body to groove involuntarily.

The heart of Overview lies in the melodic guitar lines woven by Kellaway and the silky bass lines crafted by Benjamin. The percussion and drums tie everything together, giving the track its distinct identity as it seamlessly transitions between trap beats and indie-pop textures. In the final chorus, BRAJ unleashes an explosion of distorted guitars, layered synthesizers, and Jordan’s commanding vocal delivery, leaving an indelible mark on your musical senses.

Speaking about the track, BRAJ explains: Overview encapsulates the universally relatable desire to foresee a relationship’s trajectory before diving in. This concept takes center stage as the track seamlessly oscillates between vibey surf rock riffs and anthemic trap beats. Jordan Kellaway’s vocals passionately beseech listeners for such prescience, delivered through catchy melodies and an emotive, bittersweet, and energetically charged performance. In the background, Nev Benjamin’s masterful basslines and production work synergistically to amplify the track’s sentiment, creating an instrumental landscape that resonates deeply with the song’s core theme.”

BRAJ‘s Overview, is a testament to their commitment to creating music that is both thought-provoking and irresistibly danceable. Get ready for an awesome musical journey with Jordan Kellaway and Nev Benjamin.

Photo by Brianna Da Silva