By Vee D

Stan and Macy are a young alternative pop duo from Brighton, collaborating creatively under their moniker Outline. Following the release of their debut EP, the pair are back with a zesty set of visuals for lead single Citrus.  

Directed by VMA award winning filmmaker Mat Whitecross (‘Supersonic’ – Gallagher Brothers and ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ – Coldplay), the video is a pastel haven, bright oranges and yellows mixing into an irresistible fruit cocktail. 

Citrus is inspired by a budding romance. The freshness of new love is just like the freshness of citrus fruits”, the pair explain. “The production made it bubbly but also smooth and jazzy. Citrus fruits are both sweet and sour, representing that key element of balance and contrast in a relationship.”

Tune in.