Outblinker are a band you really do have to hear for yourself to understand where I’m coming from with this review. Their sound is something that feels fresh, but also dirty – in a good way.

Their EP ‘Pink/Blue’ may only be made up of two tracks – ‘Pink’ and ‘Blue’ funnily enough – but boy, is there a hell of a lot of body to each track to blow your mind into a thousand tiny pieces.

The first track ‘Pink’ is eleven minutes of experimental-electro at its best; each instrument battling against each other whilst also managing to fit together perfectly. ‘Pink’ is swarming with hypnotic fuzzy guitar sounds and furious percussion, with a cheeky guitar riff thrown in as well for good measure.

The second track ‘Blue’ starts off less aggressively than ‘Pink’ to create quite an eerie vibe – almost something you’d hear whilst watching a really tense scene in an action-thriller. All the way through the track’s intense 12 minute jam, you know something is coming, you can feel it in your bones. Add to this a repetitive rolling drum pattern and some rather robotic, distorted vocals towards the end and you’ve got yourself a rather full on piece of instrumentation.

As I mentioned before, this is an EP that you’ll only get the whole vibe for if you listen to it with your own ears and allow yourself to get completely immersed in the experimental post-rock goodness.

Pink/Blue by Outblinker is released via Good Grief Records.


By Frank Bell ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk