“music ur girlfriend probably likes...10 Hours is about being left on read"
7 January 2021

By Vee D

Championed by key Spotify editorials including New Music Friday UK, Our Generation: Class of 2020 and Brand New Chill, Orlando’s homegrown DIY offerings are packed with playful lyricism and heartfelt melodies. 10 Hours is no different. Described as “music ur girlfriend probably likes”…”10 Hours is about being left on read” . Tune in now!

Penned in an evening with his vintage wurlitzer, Orlando looks like an unstoppable force since the release of his debut EP Nikes and Dandelions with the lead track Kanye Owns The Moon sitting just shy of 500,000 streams after just a handful of months. Keep those eyes peeled for what looks to be an exciting 2021.