Orion Redwolf illuminates with ethereal single ‘Glow’

Atmospheric soundscapes wash over you, lodging themselves in your mind like a series of vivid, Technicolor dreams. Redwolf's a man on a mission
21 June 2024

FM Premiere

Orion Redwolf, the visionary American songwriter and producer, has unveiled his latest single Glow, showcasing his distinctive dark indie sound.

Collaborating for the first time with co-producer Matt Wyatt (Night Teacher, Self), Redwolf crafted Glow at Wyatt’s personal studio, Tree and Booms. Wyatt’s jazz-influenced drumming and engineering prowess complement Redwolf’s ethereal lyrics, inspired by childhood memories of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and penned in collaboration with Elie Bashkow.

Musically, Glow unfolds with a finger-style guitar riff and Redwolf’s emotive vocals, creating an enchanted atmosphere reminiscent of wandering through a magical forest at twilight. Wyatt’s dynamic drumming beats pair flawlessly with the instrumentation, which features a warm blend of slide guitars and Wurlitzer. The result is a narrative depth that resonates throughout the song.

Redwolf’s fascination with music ignited in Virginia, within the dimly lit confines of his family home, where his mother’s piano wove its sonic magic. From those cherished moments, a prodigious talent emerged – one gifted in conveying the whimsies of the human heart through tender, atmospheric tunes that swept across traditional genre confines. Recently adopting his middle name, Redwolf, he channels personal experiences into his music, evident in the poignant Stormy Days, released earlier this year.

Beyond his solo work, Redwolf is a sought-after producer and songwriter, collaborating with artists like Eloise Granville, Isabel March, and Kat Hammock (The Voice S17 finalist).

Orion Redwolf’s music hits you right in the feels with Glow. Atmospheric soundscapes wash over you, lodging themselves in your mind like a series of vivid, Technicolor dreams. Redwolf’s a man on a mission – he’s constantly envisioning new sonic possibilities and translating them into songs that reverberate deep within us.

This palpable sense of urgency is what propels his music beyond the indie scene and into the global consciousness, forging an unbreakable bond between artist and listener.