ORI takes us on a wild ride through the BACKDOOR

"They were meant to be this outrageous gag but have evolved into a spiritual awakening. I was radiating with confident, divine bimbo femininity."
6 May 2022

This breakthrough earworm from the fearless and tantalizing ORI is perfect to take us into the weekend on a saucy and highly danceable note. The budding NY pop songstress makes her mark on the scene with BACKDOOR, reminding us of our “of our animalistic nature, inherent sexiness, and power of NOT TAKING YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY”.

ORI alluringly purrs an array of innuendos and cheeky insinuations over a big funky bassline and dancefloor-filling beats, inspiring comparisons to Dua Lipa and Doja Cat, whilst the video provides an equally memorable visual to go with this pop gem. Be sure to check it out, along with our QuickFire Questions interview below.

Congrats on the release of and video for BACKDOOR! How has the reception been so far?

I think people are shook that the video is such high quality. I have been prioritizing quality over quantity lately and it’s paying off.

What was your favourite part of filming the video for BACKDOOR?

The giant breastplate (fake boobies)! Wearing those massive titties was beyond empowering. They were meant to be this outrageous gag but have evolved into a spiritual awakening. I was radiating with confident, divine bimbo femininity. Few things are more fun than bouncing and slapping them girlies around…Until I spent about 5 hours in that soapy bathtub with no way to grip the floor. After slipping and sliding in those while trying to keep my makeup intact and sing, etc. I felt like my back was breaking. Exhausting but totally worth it. Shout out to big-breasted women, it’s harder than it looks! (I still wear them sometimes).

What are the audio clips of people talking about food at the end of the video?

I love that you asked! My friend recorded this random waitress while she was taking his order. When he showed me the audio clip I knew I wanted to put it in the song. I loved the “avocado extravaganza” part so much as a sort of euphemism for what the song was about. It’s actually the original title of the song! But BACKDOOR rolls off the tongue easier hehe.

If you were a food or drink what would you be?

That’s tough! Maybe a coffee bean because I’m smol but I’ll WAKE YOU UP.

What is the most useless talent you have?

I can lick my elbow.

What can we look forward to from you next?

SLUMT! My newest song about when you’re too slumped to … make love? lol. The urban dictionary definition sums it up best: “The feeling of overwhelming exhaustion usually associated with the use of alcohol, cannabis, etc. Usually results in someone being couch-locked.”

This one is stylistically different from BACKDOOR but carries the same lightheartedness and humor around sex/relationships. It’s got booming 808s, atmospheric synths and trap hi-hats to create a late night club vibe. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hit with most people. It’s probably out now – if you’re reading this, check it out! (Drops May 25, 2022)