Only Sun’s ‘Lives’ | A jangly, joy-filled slice of catchy indie-pop

Following their previous convincing releases, as well as successful sets at Kendal Calling and Camden Rocks, High Wycombe-based Only Sun have now shared an utterly infectious new single.

Propelled by whirring synth-driven hooks, racing beats and a vibrant energy, ‘Lives’ will take you back to the dingy dance-floors of the early noughties in an instant. A jangly, joy-filled slice of catchy indie-pop, it’s filled with the band’s quirky charisma, reflected in the single’s accompanying video of Peep Show clips.

A tongue in cheek response to the modern world’s love of gossip, ‘Lives’ will grab you with its playful charm and lodge itself firmly in your ears on first listen.

Only Sun are Euan Bryden, Aabid Kanji, Ed Miguens, Taylor Lacey and Daz McManus. ‘Lives’ is out now.