TV reality show/talent contest Britain’s Got Talent has unearthed a multitude of wonderful acts over the last few years.

Some of which whom would have never made the jump to mainstream success without the aid of the show as a platform (a fact that naysayers for the talent show format cannot deny).

One such act to receive critical acclaim is The 141 strong choir from the Welsh Valleys, Only Boys Aloud, who not only stole the show when they performed, but brought the genre to a whole new audience.

With their eponymous debut album released on December 3, on Relentless / Sony Records, Fame caught up with Sebastian Waters, Joe Jones, Adam Cullen, Tom Yamin-Ali, Dan Urch and Lewis Hurley, from the ensemble of 14-19 year old’s to learn more about their BFG experience and much more.

Firstly guys we must ask you what your appearance on Britain’s Got Talent has meant to you?

SW – It meant a lot. It made me happy and proud to be a member of the choir. Without trying to sound clichéd, it made me feel I am worth something.

JJ – It was the highlight of my OBA career so far.

AC – It was a great experience to have, it showed the level of support we have had.

LH – Yeah it makes you realize how far we have come and showed that loads of people loved us, not just people from Wales!

Do you advocate shows like BGT. They are a good vehicle for acts such as yourselves to achieve global fame aren’t they?

JJ – After being involved in it, it shows even the smallest of things can lead to great opportunities.

DU – It gives a great chance to show talent without being discriminated against. Anyone can be in our choir. It doesn’t matter what race, sexuality or where you are from.

AC- It gives people a great chance to get noticed.

Can you tell our readers a little about the background of the choir. How do you find your members?

JJ – Members of Only Men Aloud came into our school, to promote a new choir they were starting. It was an odd experience seeing famous people asking me to join a choir that I could join,

SW – We rehearse in a rugby club, right in the middle of a community, and we get to speak to people from our own area.

TYA – Everyone is very supportive, the school, the members of Only Men Aloud and members of the community.You have a new album set for release next month. What does it offer listeners?

SW – It offers a wide range of repertoire, spanning lots of different genres and eras. It will hopefully be suitable to all listeners to listen to and enjoy.

JJ – It will have classics with an OBA twist!

AC – It will show all our BGT songs, with a certain Christmas kick!

LH – It’s going to be awesome.

DU – It will give a taste of Wales to the World.

How does the choir decide on a song to perform. Is there a system/method you use?

ALL. Tim. He decides!!

SW – However, we can give suggestions to the team

DU – through email or at rehearsals.

Does being part of a choir such as OBA make a big difference to its members?

ALL. Yes

DU – It’s a life enhancing experience. One, which is invaluable to performers so we can get noticed doing what we love.

AC. It gives everyone more confidence, and the ladies love it!

SW – It gives you a real sense of accomplishment. How many people can say that they came third on the biggest talent show in the world?

TYA. 140 (haha)

Is there a master plan for OBA for 2012? 2013?

SW – World domination!

All – yeah!

DU – a tour, another album would be great.

TYA – Magaluff would be class.

There is of course the choir ‘Only Men Aloud’ as well. Do many of the OBA members aspire to join them when they are ready?

DU – I do. I would love to join OMA.

SW – Yes, I would like to. It would great to be a member of a choir throughout my life and I would love to continue singing with people that I know. I really want to carry on singing in incredible venues.

LH – I’d still like to sing as a hobby, but I don’t see it as a career option for me.

Have OBA achieved their goals, so far or are there still more dreams to achieve?

DU. We’ve only just begun!

JJ – to be honest, an album was never the goal at the beginning, it was just to get boys singing and carry on the tradition of male choir singing.

SW – To continue as we are going, and get even better.

AC – I want to reach out to other fans from other countries. I want to perform in different venues in different countries.

TYA – Yeah, like in Magaluff!

Do the members of OBA still remain in contact with other BGT contestants?
LH – We’re still in touch with Jonathan & Charlotte and have sung on their album.

JJ – New Skool, a local dance group. We still se members of them around.

SW – I talk to the JiveAces about my trombone playing.

LH – We don’t really talk to the dog though!

DU – But we’ve got some nude pictures hahaha

Finally, can you give our readers an insight into what a typical day of practice entails for OBA?

LH – we have a lot of banter

SW – I normally get confused with the dance moves, but eventually it sorts itself out.

LH – it normally starts with a mad dash to the bus, cus I’m always late. We normally rehearse together in Cardiff.

SW – we then have games

DU – and have a physical and vocal wormup

SW – then we learn lots of new music, which is exciting ans starts to sound amazing.

AC. – We sing in different parts

SW – and different languages

DU – we get free food,

SW – yeah we had 65 Domino Pizzas in one rehearsal!

DU – The highlight is at the end of the rehearsal when it all comes together..

AC – and it starts to sound amazing and you get a great feeling inside..

TYA – Goosebumps.

Only Boys Aloud will team up with Only Men Aloud this Christmas to bring two special seasonal shows to Venue Cymru in Llandudno on December 22 and the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff on December 24. Tickets are on sale now from