Toronto-based duo Once A Tree – Jayli Wolf and Hayden John Wolf – unveil another slice of their alluring and personal urban electronic offering, with this snazzy video to their new track ‘Lie To Me’.

Stunning actor/artist Jayli Wolf reveals: “Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to bare. So hard in fact that you would rather continue not knowing to spare yourself the pain. I was in a relationship that wasn’t healthy. It was the worst relationship I’ve ever been through willingly.”ONCE A TREE1She adds: “I don’t know why I stayed; even to this day I can’t rack my brain to figure it out. I just remember the night that I had finally had enough. I told the guy that I was seeing to “Lie to me, spare me.” I didn’t want to hear the excuses, or the dishonesty anymore. I just wanted to walk away and be on my own again. The lyrics for “Lie to Me” were written inspired from that night, when I built up the courage to leave him.”

Their ‘Thousand Lives’ EP is out now.