polyna2Intriguing London-based Siberian artist, Polyna, talks about ‘Tiger’ her alluring ice-cold art-pop pearl included in OMC2 | ONE MORE COMPILATION VOL. 2, out now via OML. The track was co-written by Polyna and Jonas Quant and produced by Jonas Quant.

The stunning video for the strong tune, was directed by Ekaterina Belinskaya and produced, styled and choreographed by herself.

Polyna..Can you tell us everything we should know about your track ‘Tiger’ included in our OMC2.

The song Tiger was written with Jonas Quant (Hurts, No Doubt, Foxes..) at his studio in Gothenburg. It was my birthday and I came there only for a couple of days to meet that great producer and have a “test session”. I was intrigued but very nervous coz I had no idea how we’d get along – you know, it’s always about the right vibe and the connection…Well, those two days went surprisingly great – we wrote ‘Tiger’ within the couple of hours! And listening to it the next day, we both realised that we found The Sound for my debut album! Moreover, we decided to create the whole album together. So yes, ‘Tiger’ was the very first track that paved the way for “Angel” and other songs you’ll hear later this year 😉polyna1What were your influences and vibes whilst writing it?

In a way, the town and the studio itself dictated the vibe for the song. It was my first day in Sweden and I was quite charmed by its dark beauty. So I suppose my excitement from being alone in the completely new place on my birthday and having such a great vibe in the studio gave me the inspiration for ‘Tiger’.

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?

I gather the inspiration literally from everywhere – people, places, nature, behaviour, sometimes even a word might give the inspiration to create a whole song. There’s an inspiration everywhere, we just need to pay attention and not to miss it 🙂

What is your usual songwriting process?

It’s different every time. Sometimes I start with some lyric phrase or a word, sometimes it’s some melodic line, some beat or a chord progression… I also truly love writing in a team or together with the producer because this way you create a special creative space and the song might turn into something unexpected and very beautiful. polyna3If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I love collaborations! And I was already lucky enough to work with many amazing people. Every each time it’s a very wonderful process that stretches our skills and gives more and more inspiration. I love collaborating with people from very different areas and combine genres together. For example, I’m currently making a new music video in a collaboration with the mind-blowing Popovy Sisters and their amazing dolls. I believe it’s going to be very very unique! However, speaking purely about songwriting, I wish to write a song with Sia and Samuel Dixon, The Smeezingtons, Emile Haynie, Jeff Bhasker, Kid Harpoon, Paul Epworth… Really really in love with their melodic lines and the sonic structure!

Are you planning any live shows and what will they be like?

Yes, I’m currently working on my live show. It’ll be quite a theatrical performance with a lot of choreography and fashion vibes. I love the visual language as much as music and I believe it helps to fully connect the audience with the message I put into songs.


OMC2 is out NOW via OML

Photos by Ekaterina Belinskaya