Olly Murs reveals he fancies Caroline Flack

Olly Murs looks extremely dapper on The Sun Fabulous magazine cover this week and reveals some juicy gossip. He says he meets girls just like every other guy in bars and nightclubs, and confesses, “I’ve got a friend with benefits, I’m not going to lie.”

Despite this, Olly still says he’s open to a long term relationship:“I always thought I’d have met ‘the one’ by the time I was 27. If ‘the one’ comes to me, then I’ll be waiting.”

Olly openly admits he fancies his TV missus Caroline Flack but he’s keeping it professional: “I’ve had to think about it on a few occasions, but nothing has ever happened between us and it means we can have a laugh.”

The Essex lad hasn’t always been a ladies man, he tells us: “Girls weren’t interested in me before I was famous.”

But our Olly’s still so down to earth; when attractive girls come and chat him up, he replies, “Seriously, love. You’re out of my league, so who’s paying you to stand there?” How modest of you, Olly!

To read the full interview pick up your copy in this Saturday’s Sun. fabulousmag.co.uk