olivia-sebastianelli1-e1360147773431Oh we all love a feisty singer-songwriter don’t we? Of course most of the time it is male performers who are making the headlines, whilst striving to make music their way.

Which is why when we at Fame heard about the supremely talented Olivia Sebastianelli’s aversion to a record labels decision to make her a Katy Perry clone, we simply had to learn more about her.

With Olivia’s debut single ‘Rose of Stone’ set for release in March we had to chat to the wonderful half Italian/half English 19 year old.

Here are highlights of our interview with the gorgeous Miss Sebastianelli.

First up Olivia. I must thank you for taking time to talk to me. I hear many influences in your ‘Rose of Stone’ single. But can you tell our readers what influences your work?

No worries:) I have so many influences, I grew up listening to a lot of bluegrass and country but also Kate bush and the pretenders and ElvisCostello (I’m a huge fan of his work) and a lot of 90s grunge like pearl jam temple of the dog.

It’s quite a mixed bag but I think that’s a good thing 🙂olivia sebastianelli4How do you go about creating a new song. Have you a method/system you use?

My songs always stem from poetry so I tend to start with the lyrics written like a poem, then work out the guitar parts and then the melody I always have bits of paper lying around with lines or phrases on so it usually starts with that

Your work is best described a atmospheric and meaningful (in my opinion). Had you any trouble getting these songs made the way you wanted them?

I did at my first record label. I always had a vision of what I wanted to sound like and who I was but I think the label didn’t understand that and wanted to mould it into something that they had control of. It was hard, but a learning experience for me.

By the time I worked with Dan Weller on the album I had refined my style and together we made something I’m so so proud of and we both knew exactly where it should sit in your ears 🙂 if that makes any sense at all!olivia sebastianelli6You tell some wonderful stories with your material and create much deliberation and interest. What do you hope to gain through your work?

Well, in order to write better songs I need to know what’s going on in the world so I hope to be better informed and to gain a greater knowledge of the world.

I hope to gain some sort of satisfaction knowing that people enjoy what I do and that I may have helped someone somewhere along the way 🙂 I sound like I’m doing a miss world Pageant lololivia sebastianelli7How did you get into the music industry?

I met my manager through a mutual friend when I was 13 and had been writing songs and playing in pubs around that time.

The mutual friend recorded a demo of my first song and sent it to my manager Vicky (who didn’t believe I was 13) so she came to watch me play, and it just went from there really. Venues got bigger, songs got better and labels started getting

Olivia you are still very young and yet we read that you have stood up to label bosses already. Can we assume you want to be known for your music and not your image?

Absolutely. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world so I can’t ride on the back of that. I have to be good at what I do and most importantly I have be honest and let the music do its thing.

My heroes weren’t beautiful but the music allowed them to be beautiful and set themselves free. I’m all about the music me 🙂 hahaolivia sabastianelli 5I believe your new album ‘ Pebbles’ (due for release later this year) has a story behind it and a meaning to its track listing. can you elaborate on that?

I don’t like to go too much into what the songs mean, I like people to make up their own minds. If a song means something to someone, and I arrogantly say no you are wrong, it would take the romanticism away from them and as an artist and a music fan I don’t think that’s fair.

What I will say is that each song is written about a fact that interests me or something that happened in my life and the meaning behind the title is that each pebble is individual and has its own story but ultimately it’s still a pebble. Each song on the album has its own story but ultimately it’s all still me.

We have read that Ray ‘The Kinks’ Davies has also been very high on your work. How does to feel for a living legend such as that to promote your work?

It was really amazing! I met him after a show I did at Bush Hall. He came to see the headline act but watched my set too. After the show I was just walking around and he stopped me and said your music is hauntingly beautiful.

I honestly nearly wet myself!! He is a true legend so to have someone in the industry say something like that (who really didn’t have to) was just incredible 🙂

Can you tell us about your Italian origins / influences and If you would like to tour in Italy.

My dad’s Italian so I have Italian grandparents. Probably the most stereotypical Italians ever as well, my nonno (grandad) was a chef who owned two pizzerias and my nonna (grandma) used to work for dolmio!!

I’ve been going to Italy every year since I was really little and I love it! I would love to tour Italy over and over again, I love being part Italian it’s cool

So can you tell us what 2013 holds for you. Have you many live shows lined up (where our fans could see you)?

I only have two dates confirmed so far but I love gigging. Playing live with my band is the best bit for me, so there will be lots of gigs coming up soon. Facebook and twitter is the place to find out where I’m playing next 🙂

Finally Olivia where do you hope to see yourself in five years time

In five years time I would love to have had a few number ones under belt possibly have released a second album, have been around the world at least once and be in the studio working on a third album (maybe I’ll go mad and make it a concept album) ..oh and for my fans to have their own nickname…And to have fans!!


Olivia live dates in March:
12th March – London, Assembly Rooms
16th March – Edinburgh, Liquid rooms