Oliver Spalding Previews Debut Album With Iridescent NOVEMBERISM

Novemberism, the title track of Brighton 23 year old Oliver Spalding’s debut album is a striking iridescent synth driven gem recalling The Blue Nile and Roxy Music yet with the gossamer falsetto harmonies of Bon Iver.

Novemberism’ means ‘to be melancholy all year round’ and this track is laced with undertones of heavyhearted introspection whilst being upbeat and powerful. It’s staggeringly beautiful and deeply arresting.

The album, which was co-written and produced with Novo Amor’s Ed Tullett comes out on 15th November, a fitting date for both the title subject matter and judging by this track, Oliver’s winter-set, cinematic sound. As the cold sets in, his incredible voice and soundcapes will lend themselves perfectly to either warm indoor contemplation of the year past or likewise expansive outdoor exploration in an ice-covered wilderness.


Photo by Charlotte Wetherell