OLI Reveals New Single HAPPY Alongside Video

OLI combats the sadness in our lives with debut single Happy

OLI graces into the limelight in dreamy fashion as Happy showcases the London natives soothing vocals with an electronically RnB infused beat. Despite its dreamy outer shell, the song is laced with lyrics relevant to those who are unhappy, taking inspiration from a family member who was “in their own little world of anxiety”; adding a touching personal tone that many can relate to.  

This juxtaposition proves ‘OLI’s’ artistic maturity, mixing our emotions to create a memorable debut single. The accompanying music video uplifts us even more with nostalgically colourful visuals that naturally remove any sombre lyrical tones.

Happy is a debut that can lift anyone who is down in the dumps. We look forward to more of the same from her upcoming EP; set to be released in the first quarter or 2020.