Okkaido presents ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ – creating a sound that is universal

"It's a dense musical soundscape, a harmonious tapestry created by interweaving timbres and crisp production"
3 November 2023

In a soundscape where beats weave narratives and rhythms evoke emotions, Okkaido, a masterful creator, is carving out his sonic expedition without limitations. From the very essence of his being, Okkaido’s musical jaunt originates in a realm where rhythm and melody are innate, tracing back to the core of his existence.

You may remember him from the 2019 hits Amanda Who and Red Whine, tracks that etched themselves into the auditory memory of over 450,000 Spotify listeners. But today, we unravel the layers of Okkaido’s latest gem, Say It Like You Mean It, a soulful hip-hop tribute that takes the audience into a dense musical soundscape, a harmonious tapestry created by interweaving timbres and crisp production. It works as a poignant reflection on the significance of communication and the sacred nature of life.

The genesis of Say It Like You Mean It lies in Okkaido’s personal experience, a journey marked by tragedy and resilience. The artist wrote this track for his sister, a survivor of a harrowing car accident at the tender age of 16 that left her with a serious brain injury. A catastrophic event that forever altered the fabric of Okkaido’s life, turning it into a story of pain, love, and the quest for expression.

“The day of the accident, I lost my best friend in the whole world,” Okkaido reveals. His sister, still grappling with the aftermath of the accident 15 years on, struggles to utter those three powerful words – ‘I love you.’ It’s this struggle that gave birth to Say It Like You Mean It,’ a lyrical journey fuelled by the artist’s quest to bridge the gap between unspoken emotions and the healing power of genuine communication.

The production of the track was not a hasty endeavor. After stumbling upon a beat online, Okkaido allowed the melody to incubate in his soul for months until a friend joined him, contributing to the completion of the song. The result is a symphony that transcends mere catchiness; it’s an anthem of emotions, a testimony to the enduring bonds of family, and a celebration of the human spirit.

However, Okkaido’s musical prowess is not a recent revelation; it’s a story that began in childhood. Growing up in a household pulsating with rhythm, Okkaido’s father, a member of three different bands, laid the foundation for the artist’s musical journey. The beats that once echoed in his youth evolved into a compelling narrative as Okkaido transitioned into his 20s.

The influence of legends like Andre 3000, Mick Jagger, Tupac, and K DOT on Okkaido’s exploration of lyricism and self-expression led to the creation of a unique musical identity that transcends genres and conventions.

Explore the realm of Okkaido, and brace yourself for a musical adventure that surpasses the commonplace. His beats aren’t merely audible; they reverberate, echoing the heartbeat of the human experience.