Brooklyn’s radical Okayracer drops electrifying new tune ‘Okayraver’

"I was influenced by this year's house song 'X wit the boot up' that served as a template. As well as The Culture in The Underground Rave scene"
7 May 2024

Brooklyn-based boundary-pushing artist Okayracer, hailing from Long Island, returns to the forefront of the music industry with his latest release, Okayraver. The lush new track takes listeners on a pulsating journey through house and underground rave influences, weaving dynamic soundscapes that captivate and energize audiences.

Okayracer explains: “I made this song to break out of the current scene I was in. To be honest, I was influenced by this year’s house song ‘X wit the boot up’ that served as a template. As well as The Culture in The Underground Rave scene. We wanted the song to embody everything that the scene was and is.”

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including Radiohead’s introspective electronica, the raw authenticity of Vince Staples, and the genre-defying finesse of Travis Scott, Okayracer consistently delivers a sound that defies convention. With this latest offering, he boldly ventures beyond his signature style of glitchy hip-hop, resonant hyperpop, and contemplative electronica to explore new sonic territories.

In a remarkably short timeframe, Okayracer has catapulted into the spotlight with his intense beats and infectious energy. From his debut single “okayracer!” to the groundbreaking Okayraver, Okayracer continually pushes the boundaries of electronic music, garnering critical acclaim and securing coveted placements on influential Spotify playlists such as hyperpop, feedBack, and unleashed.

Okayraver cements Okayracer’s status as an innovative pioneer in electronic music.