OK GO Drop ALL TOGETHER NOW To Raise Money For Health Care Workers

Chicago band OK Go rose to fame with their elaborate one-take videos, like their synchronized treadmill dance routine for power-pop slammer Here It Goes Again. Now, the four-piece have emerged again with a new track All Together Now which takes a slightly different direction.

Frontman Damian Kulash and his wife underwent a frightening experience with catching Covid-19 at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic. Inspired by what he went through and his neighbourhood raising a cheer for frontline healthcare workers every evening he wrote the poignant and hopeful new track.

Leaving aside the gritty riffs of their earlier material and synth funk quirks of their later albums, All Together Now see’s OK Go paired back with stunning harmonies, intricate organic rhythms, an innocent toy piano and a powerful sentiment building for epic effect. Proceeds from the single will be going to frontline health care workers.