ofeliadorme_phrobertasardistudiowood1154Check out Bologna based 4-piece OfeliaDorme’s excellent and quite hypnotic album ‘Bloodroot’. Their sound? Indie-folk? Spacey-fuzz post-rock? It doesn’t matter…

The Bloodroot is a plant indigenous to the Eastern US and Canada. It is known scientifically as Sanguinaria Canadensis and it has a long history of use in both Native American medicine and modern chemistry and medicine.

The fresh boiled root was used as war face paint by Native Americans.

Live dates:
may 02, 2013 – The Attic @ Liverpool Sound City – Liverpool UK
may 09, 2013 – Palazzo Strozzi – Firenze IT
may 18, 2013 – Materia Off – Parma
may 24, 2013 – Elastico – Bologna IT
jun 16, 2013 – S.O.P. – Modena IT
jul 14, 2013 – Brevevita @ Geko SpaceLove – San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)


Photo by Roberta Sardi – StudioWood