Oenone Hammersley’s Transcendent Evolution: From Fire to Water, Art for the Earth

Can An Artist Change Direction Successfully? Oenone Hammersley Proves It with a Resounding Yes!
18 November 2023

In the ever-changing landscape of contemporary art, the skill to reinvent oneself is a rare and bold accomplishment. Oenone Hammersley, a visionary artist with a heritage of creativity, has undertaken a captivating odyssey of transformation. Her latest compilation, fittingly named Art for the Earth-Fire and Water, serves as evidence of a significant shift in artistic direction. This shift not only captivated audiences in the United States but also sparked enthusiasm among art lovers globally.

Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York witnessed a remarkable phenomenon as Oenone’s paintings completely sold out at the Seattle Art Fair. Meanwhile, Patrick’s Designs Gallery in Virginia played a pivotal role in disseminating Oenone’s groundbreaking artwork to collectors in Florida, solidifying her presence in the art scene. Now, the spotlight turns to Walton Fine Arts in London, where Oenone’s latest creations are on display, captivating audiences with their thematic resonance and artistic brilliance.

Oenone’s recent series, Art for the Earth-Fire and Water, delves into the elemental forces that shape our existence. The paintings, exhibited on cut-out wooden panels and canvas at Walton Fine Arts, explore the duality of fire and water—forces that simultaneously create and consume. The Fire paintings exude a fierce energy, while the Water pieces, inspired by Oceans of Plastic awareness day on November 22nd, call attention to environmental issues with a blend of fantasy and reality.

Oenone’s innovative technique is as captivating as the themes she explores. Utilizing a method that combines hand painting with multiple paint pouring, her creations come to life with a vibrancy that transcends traditional boundaries. The incorporation of collage adds layers of texture and complexity, making each piece a narrative in itself. The result is a collection of unique and powerful works that have earned Oenone several international awards, with her recent focus on water exemplifying a heightened level of abstraction, delivering a poignant message about the urgent need to preserve the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels to Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Australia, and Latin America, Oenone Hammersley is not merely an artist; she is a conscientious advocate for conservation. Partnering with international organizations such as Ocean Conservancy and Fauna and Flora International, Oenone addresses critical issues, particularly the devastating impact of plastic pollution in our oceans. Her paintings serve as both a call to action and a visual symphony, echoing the urgent need to protect our planet and its fragile ecosystems.

Hosting Oenone’s transcendent creations, Walton Fine Arts stands as a beacon of contemporary and pop art. Specializing in showcasing the works of renowned artists like Francis Bacon, Banksy, Marc Chagall, Damian Hirst, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol, the gallery continues its tradition of introducing audiences to groundbreaking and influential artists, solidifying Oenone Hammersley’s place among these luminaries.

Oenone Hammersley doesn’t just welcome evolution; she turns it into a captivating visual journey. Art for the Earth-Fire and Water goes beyond being a mere collection; it stands as a testament to the profound impact art can have, stirring emotions, sparking contemplation, and instigating transformative change. Hammersley’s adept navigation of unexplored artistic realms serves as an inspiring example, affirming that an artist can successfully shift directions, imprinting an enduring mark on the ever-evolving canvas of contemporary art.