oddbeholder-videoVocalist Daniela Weinmann, from enigmatic duo Odd Beholder, presents their stunning self-directed video for ‘Gravity’, another slice of their forward thinking, ambitious and urgent, electro pop, from their mesmerizing ‘Lighting’ EP, out 16 September on Sinnbus. The video was shot in Paris between buildings looking like an invention of Franz Kafka or Jorge Luis Borges…

Tell us a few secrets about this clip?

Mom told me that the internet ain’t no place for secrets. Let me think of a harmless little pet secret that we can give away so that the big ones remain untold.

Why architecture?

Landscape Escape was more about the open plain. In a way it’s quite logical that we shifted towards architecture. It was an intuitive choice. Who doesn’t find architecture fascinating? It blows our mind. It’s human relationships cast in concrete. It’s the way we shape nature, how we adapt it to our needs. It’s almost like a by-product of our instincts, like a termite hill. But sometimes it also goes terribly wrong. We create loneliness and strangeness with monstrous buildings. Instead of providing shelter and enable a lot of good stuff, architecture can also enslave and control us. The very construction of houses can destroy homes. What a paradox. Architecture is also a metaphor for the past and the future. We live inside the remains of the plans that our ancestors had for the future. oddbeholder-video1And do you think you’ll be directing the next batch of videos as well?

We had to improvise every step. There was no routine, no script, we had no acting skills, no profound knowledge of any software, no money, nothing. Now we’re a little bit smarter. We partly saw it as a research: How far can we go alone? What do we need professionals for?

We had quite a learning curve, but we never fell for the delusion that we are great directors. We would be happy if we managed to become great musicians. It’s pretty hard to make good music. Seriously! We don’t hope that we have to direct the next video.

But we find it pretty funny how metaphorical the video is: We took a flight, like Ikarus. We just pretended that we will get away with daring the impossible.

Odd Beholder are: Daniela Weinmann (vocals, guitar, composition) and James Vargnese (production, e-bass, synths)