NXTHXN blends R&B and Afrobeats in new track ‘One Time’

"Linking up with Delirious, who’s the producer on this track, really changed the game for me"
3 June 2024

London-based R&B/Soul sensation NXTHXN, also known as Nathan Palmer, is poised to enchant audiences with his latest release, One Time. With a rich background in music, including collaborations with industry icons like Grace Jones and WizKid, NXTHXN brings a wealth of experience and talent to his craft.

Growing up in a household that blended Christian and Caribbean traditions, NXTHXN’s musical roots tap into a rich tapestry of genres – from Gospel to reggae, rock, and pop. Blessed with a childhood steeped in cultural diversity, he effortlessly fuses vintage allure with modern flair in his music. With collaborations spanning across the music industry’s elite, he’s earned acclaim as a versatile vocalist, adept at harmonizing with diverse styles.

One Time, helmed by the renowned Delirious, signals a thrilling evolution in NXTHXN’s journey. Delirious’s expertise in infusing tracks with an Afrobeats flavor complements NXTHXN’s R&B vocals, resulting in a dynamic fusion of sounds. Vibing off the dynamic styles of Chris Brown and Burna Boy, One Time bottles the essence of crave-worthy connections – where one unforgettable night can lead to a lifetime of love.

Reflecting on the release, NXTHXN shares his excitement about collaborating with Delirious and crafting a track that seamlessly blends R&B and Afrobeats: “Linking up with Delirious, who’s the producer on this track, really changed the game for me. He’s incredible at adding that Afrobeats flavour, and that’s exactly what I wanted for my next release. Inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, Burna Boy and Rotimi — I wanted to create a vibe that seamlessly blends my R&B vocals with an Afrobeats twist. For me, this song is all about that deep, universal need to feel loved, and sharing a special moment with someone, even if it’s just for one time. The lyrics aim to evoke that intense, intimate vibe, making every moment count… It’s about making that one time unforgettable.”

NXTHXN’s musical DNA gets a vibrant reboot in One Time, where innovative production and raw emotion converge, transporting listeners to unexplored territories. From wowing audiences near and far, this artist is on a mission to make his mark – and we’re along for the thrilling ride.